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Mr Whiteware can plan, design, and install commercial kitchens anywhere you require them. Our catering kitchen design team has years of experience of kitchen installation and kitchen refurbishment. Commercial kitchens come in every different size and shape imaginable as they are constrained to the limits of the available space. Catering kitchens have to be designed with optimum workflow in mind first and foremost.

Probably the most common choice for cooking equipment is a wall configuration with all the appliances in a line. In many cases this may be the only choice if the kitchen space is long and narrow. However, an advantage of this type of installation is that it is easier to get gas, electrics, water, and drainage to the equipment, and this design usually costs less than an island layout.

Another style is the island design of cooking equipment. You need to have enough room to allow sufficient working space on both sides of the island, but an advantage is that the chefs enjoy good communication when facing each other. However, you also need to be able to install an island ventilation canopy and a central spine for the services. An island arrangement can be positioned close to a preparation area with easy access to both sides.

You might also consider a peninsular style of cooking suite if there isn’t room for an island. This gives you many of the benefits of an island and is easier to get the services to. However, you cannot walk the whole way around it, of course.

Our catering equipment project management team will oversee our catering kitchen engineers in order to ensure that the installation is perfect, no matter which type of design you select. Our engineers can also carry out a refurbishment of your existing kitchen for you, whether you only need a couple of appliances or a complete redesign.

Our project management team has considerable experience of all types of catering kitchens design and will ensure that you get a kitchen which works.

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Kitchen Installation

Mr Whiteware offers industry-leading care and diligence in all its kitchen design & commercial kitchen installation projects.

Kitchen Refurbishment

Mr Whiteware prides itself on offering dedication and attention to detail with all its commercial kitchen refurbishment projects.


Mr Whiteware is one of the foremost commercial kitchen design companies in the UK and has designed and installed commercial kitchens in restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, and more for many years.

Project Management

A kitchen is more than just a place where food is made. Within the context of a commercial environment whether it be a hotel, education facility, restaurant chain or high-end boutique restaurant, a kitchen functions as a primary asset for a business.

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