When you are designing a commercial kitchen from scratch, one of the things that you have to consider is the walls. It may sound unimportant, but it is true. In a busy catering kitchen, a wall can very often suffer from splashes, so the walls need to be able to be wiped down easily, and the most cost-effective wall covering is kitchen cladding.

Certainly, you can use tiling, which is also easy to wipe down, but it is expensive. Kitchen wall cladding is just as easy, if not easier, to wipe down and costs a lot less. When you are starting a new catering business from scratch, you need to cut costs wherever you can, and using catering kitchen cladding is one way of doing that.

    Tiling a wall involves not only the cost of the tiles themselves, but the installation, which is time-consuming, as each tile has to be laid accurately. There must also be sufficient space for the grout, and while the tiles themselves are easy to clean, the same is not true for grout. Over time, and especially in a kitchen with grease getting spattered about, the grout can become dirty and it is difficult to clean. Another disadvantage of tiles is that they can become cracked. If that should happen it could harbour bacteria so the tile must be replaced which is another expense.

    Kitchen wall cladding is usually made from PVC and is supplied in large sheets which are easy to fix. This type of commercial wall cladding is not only used in kitchens but in other spaces where hygiene is important such as laboratories, hospitals, dental surgeries, sports halls, and so on.

    PVC catering kitchen cladding is also very resilient and impact resistant. Where a tile would crack under impact, PVC will almost always withstand it. Even if PVC kitchen cladding does become damaged it is a simple matter to replace it with another sheet. This is why commercial kitchen cladding is also used in places like sports halls where impact damage can be a problem.

    At Mr. Whiteware Catering Equipment we can not only set up your complete commercial kitchen for you, but we can also install PVC catering kitchen cladding as well, which will mean that you will have no worries whatsoever about hygiene in your new business. A quick wipe down is all your walls will ever need.

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