Mr Whiteware is an industry expert when it comes to handling servery counters and food display units for a wide range of environments. With experience producing cooking and food preparation facilities for hospitals, schools, wedding venues, care homes and many more clients in both the public and private sector, Mr Whiteware is able to deliver industry leading servery counters that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional.

Ultimately, servery counters need to be visually appealing as they are customer facing. They must also be effective at storing food at the right temperature to preserve meals at their optimal heat, ready for eating whenever necessary. Through its dedicated team of project managers, designers and contractors, Mr Whiteware is able to deliver the very best servery counters for any setting, ensuring that all units work well in their environments.

Combining experience installing heating units, cold storage units, cabinets, surfaces and any necessary food preparation units, Mr Whiteware offers the best catering equipment on the market. Customers can have the choice of selecting equipment from leading brands and suppliers within our extensive network or opting for custom-made options to truly match the needs of your venue.

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