Slips, trips, and falls are the most common cause of accidents in the workplace, accounting for 40% of all major injuries reported, according to the HSE. They are also the most common cause of injury to the public. It follows that any commercial flooring should be as safe as possible. This obviously applies to commercial kitchen flooring where there is the constant additional danger of spills.

Among other things, Mr. Whiteware is in the business of providing commercial safety flooring for all types of businesses, not just catering. There is a fairly simple test for the safety or otherwise of commercial flooring called the Pendulum Test, which replicates the action of a heel stringing the floor. This produces a result on a sliding scale and the magic figure is 36. If the reading is below this, the floor is unsafe.

Mr. Whiteware can install safety flooring and commercial non-slip flooring in any premises. In commercial kitchens, commercial non-slip flooring or other safety flooring should be installed as a matter of course.

    There are very many different types of floor surfaces, of course, and you may well believe that your floors are clean and well looked after – and indeed they may be. However, some surfaces are safe when they are dry, but can become extremely unsafe when wet. When we carry out a Pendulum Test, we test the floor both wet and dry and in several different areas so that we get an overall safety figure. If your floor produces a reading below 36 – either wet or dry – we can apply one of several different types of commercial non-slip flooring treatments to bring it up to a safe level.

    Of course, whatever type of business you are running, it is by far the best thing to have commercial safety flooring installed from scratch when a building is constructed. However, back in the day, the relative safety of a floor surface was often not considered, or if it was, only as an afterthought. So if you are completely refurbishing a building, or even a part of it, Mr. Whiteware can install new safety flooring for you.

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