Effective ventilation systems are a vital part of any commercial kitchen. As well as being a legal requirement according to current health and safety regulation, it also plays a part in providing the optimal environment for food preparation, whether this is in a school canteen
or a large catering facility for corporate settings.

By using expert designers and project managers who work closely with each client, each system is created to work seamlessly with the food preparation and storage functionality of a commercial kitchen. This includes hot and cold preparation activities as well as storage and refrigeration. As each kitchen is different, we don’t apply generic or stock solutions to commercial kitchen challenges. Instead, we approach each project with a goal to create a
functional and durable space that can be used for many years to come.

Mr Whiteware only sources its materials from the most reliable and highest quality providers of commercial kitchen equipment. However, it can also design and manufacture unique units and spaces that match the individual needs over various establishments. From preparation tables, food storage areas and food display units, to sinks, cupboards and general shelving, we deliver tough, durable and aesthetically pleasing commercial kitchen

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