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Mr Whiteware can plan, design, and install commercial kitchens anywhere you require them. Our catering kitchen design team has years of experience of kitchen installation and kitchen refurbishment. Commercial kitchens come in every different size and shape imaginable as they are constrained to the limits of the available space. Catering kitchens have to be designed with optimum workflow in mind first and foremost.

Probably the most common choice for cooking equipment is a wall configuration with all the appliances in a line. In many cases this may be the only choice if the kitchen space is long and narrow. However, an advantage of this type of installation is that it is easier to get gas, electrics, water, and drainage to the equipment, and this design usually costs less than an island layout.

At Mr Whiteware we allow for many different sectors of business that need to be able to offer catering facilities to customers and potential customers. Take farm shops, for example. If you own or are planning to open a farm shop, the objective is to persuade the customers to stay on the premises for as long as possible so that they continue to see and purchase your products.

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