A Mr Whiteware we have wide experience of design and construction of hotel kitchens and we can handle everything from upgrading a few items of equipment to complete design and refurbishment. Maybe you need to speed up the workflow and want to change the layout or maybe you need some new equipment because older items are past their best. At Mr Whiteware we have great working relationships with many major UK equipment manufacturers, but we can also source and supply specific brands if you have your own preferences.

When you run a hotel, one of the most vital parts of it is your kitchen. Your food is going to be one of the major factors for customers in deciding to re-visit. Your kitchen also has to be able to handle small snacks and light bites that are in demand for room service, and at the same time has to be able to handle major events such as wedding receptions and business conferences.

Your kitchen is, in effect, the heart of your hotel and has to provide high-class dining and perhaps a range of different cuisine from around the world which you can provide for residents on a rotating basis in order to keep them coming back for more.

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