The ventilation system is a critical part of any commercial kitchen and has to be constructed so that it provides a safe working environment for the staff. Commercial kitchen canopies have to be designed and constructed in such a way that they adhere to all current regulations and legislation and that the very latest safety standards are incorporated.

At Mr. Whiteware we can design and install your commercial kitchen extraction and ventilation system. We can manufacture and supply any type of kitchen canopies. Indeed, all of our kitchen canopies are custom made, so can be created and adapted to fit very specific requirements.

The type of commercial kitchen extraction system that your kitchen requires will depend very much on the type and amount of catering equipment that is going to be used, and this, in turn, will often be dictated by the amount of space that is available. This will also have a direct bearing on the size of the ventilation canopy that is required.

Another factor in the design of commercial extraction systems is the proximity of neighbours and the surrounding environment. Your system should adhere to local council guidelines and DEFRA to ensure that it is compliant. If you are in a built-up area it is necessary to ensure that the extraction termination point is at high level, the usual rule being 1.5 metres above the gutter line of the top floor. This will help to prevent fumes from entering open windows.

In addition, it may be necessary to incorporate additional odour control in the ventilation system in order to prevent smells in the environment. This can include carbon filters, ozone systems, or electrostatic precipitators. It is very often a necessity in restaurants and takeaways that produce a lot of ethnic food or fast food where a lot of frying occurs.

Of course, a fan or fan system is necessary to withdraw the fumes and the system should incorporate a silencer in order to reduce the noise level, which again is important in residential areas.

At Mr. Whiteware we can supply and install extract kitchen canopies that are either wall mounted or island canopies. The extraction system has to have the correct size of ductwork and fans to remove all of the cooking fumes and smells from the kitchen. There are specific regulations relating to this, especially when using gas cooking.

Extract and supply kitchen canopies are connected to a fresh air supply system which replaces the air which has been extracted. Obviously, the extract system removes air and has removable baffle filters which can be taken out for cleaning. The supply air is connected to a separate plenum which is at the front of the canopy. The supply air is distributed from the plenum through either a directional diffuser grille or perforated stainless steel panel. It is a regulation that there must be a fresh air supply coming into the kitchen, especially when using gas appliances.