Care and diligence in every job

Mr Whiteware offers industry-leading care and diligence in all its kitchen design and commercial kitchen installation projects. With vast knowledge and experience of the industry, we are able to meet the needs of all our clients with attention to detail and tailored customer care. Whether it is large commercial kitchens for schools and education facilities, or smaller and more bespoke models for restaurants, we deliver excellence in every job we take on.

Professional kitchen design and installation

Commercial kitchen installation is more than just fitting the right equipment in place. The key to a successful meal preparation and cooking facility is that it meets the individual needs of the people who use it. As world-class commercial kitchen fitters, this means considering how the space ‘flows’ as well as how and where items are stored.

All our fitters are also fully qualified with the necessary industry certification to get the job done safely and efficiently. From electrical, fire and gas safety, every installation is conducted with a keen awareness of health and safety regulation.

For a professional approach to commercial kitchen projects, we are here to help.

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    Customer-first approach to all our projects

    As experience commercial kitchen fitters, we have learned that every customer is different. As such, we believe it is crucial that we cover all aspects of the commercial kitchen fitting process as part of our services. Some fitters only handle certain jobs or service offerings, however, at Mr Whiteware, we cover everything from ventilation, refrigeration, specialist fabrication, joinery and anything else our customers need for a made-to-fit commercial kitchen unit.

    We are more than happy to discuss each aspect of the process in great detail with our clients, right down to the polish and material we use on each design. As a reputable and reliable commercial kitchen fitters, we use only the highest quality materials and do our best to inform our clients about how they can avoid any maintenance issues relating to their new commercial kitchens in the future. Get in touch with Mr Whiteware for more information or to discuss the necessary steps to getting your new commercial kitchen unit up and running.